Abbey Farm is a working arable farm of 1,000acres, we grow traditional Lincolnshire crops of wheat, barley, sugar beet, oil seed rape and vegetables.

There has been farming on this site for over 800 years when the Cistercian monks founded Kirkstead Abbey moving from Fountain’s Abbey in North Yorkshire.  The monks were self sufficient growing all their own food and keeping carp in the fish ponds for consumption.  Sheep were farmed for wool as the beginnings of the textile trade began to form.  Bales of wool would have been transported via the River Witham which runs the length of the farm to the West.

The Nelstrops have been at Abbey Farm since 1997.

The beautiful Church of St Leonard's, built in 13th Century is situated on the farm and listed in Simon Jenkins "Best 1000 Churches".  We are trying to discover how many marriages have taken place in this Church since 13th Century, but assume many!

For information on getting married at the Church or for a wedding blessing please contact us.

As part of Natural England’s Higher Level Environmental Scheme we run educational access visits to the farm.  Further information at

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